Monday,July 24,2017
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Learning Chinese

Foreign Executives Join Wellness Seminar in GZ
Edward Lam's "Grand Expectations"
Jazz Mazurka: Piano Recital by Artur Dutkiewicz
How Did Mandarin Become the Official Language In China? (Q and A 1-5)
Origin of the Chinese Script
The Chinese script is one of the oldest and most widely used writing systems in the world. It is an ideographic writing system, in which the graphic structure is directly related to the meaning.


Classified Words more
米色 mĭ sè: beige
褐色 hè sè: brown
黄色 huáng sè: yellow
红色 hóng sè: red
GZ Direction more
长隆野生动物园:  cháng lóng yě shēng dòng wù yuán
广州动物园:  guăng zhōu dòng wù yuán
庄头公园:  zhuāng tóu gōng yuán
人民公园:  rén mín gōng yuán
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鲜虾云吞面:  xiān xiā yún tūn miàn
火鸭云吞汤:  huŏ yā yún tūn tāng
鲜虾净云吞:  xiān xiā jìng yún tūn
云吞面:  yún tūn miàn