Guangzhou to build China's fastest metros

BY : Flora Zhu SilkRoadPost

UPDATED :September 6, 2018


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The tunnel excavation on Guangzhou Metro Line 18 and Line 22 started on August 29. Upon completion, they will become the fastest metros in China with a maximum speed of 160 km/h.

Lines 18 and 22 are built in a "Y" shape. They will share three stations including Wanqingsha Station (万顷沙站), Hengli Station (横沥站) and Panyu Square Station (番禺广场站).

Line 18 will start from Wanqingsha 万顷沙 (Nansha District) and end at Guangzhou East Railway Station 广州东站 (Tianhe District). Line 22 will start from Panyu Square 番禺广场 (Panyu District) and end at Baietan 白鹅潭 (Liwan District).

The two new lines are expected to be completed and put into operation in 2020.

Compared to existing metro lines in Guangzhou, Line 18 and Line 22 offer several advantages:

Higher speed

With a maximum speed of 160 km/h, Line 18 and Line 22 will operate the fastest subway lines in China. They can bring passengers to their destinations quickly and ease passenger flow.

More transfer stations

Line 18 will have nine stations, and eight of them are interchange stations, connecting to other lines.

Those transfer stations are:

Guangzhou East Railway Station (广州东站) — transfer to lines 1, 3 and 11

Xiancun Station (冼村站) — transfer to Line 13

Pazhou West District Station (琶洲西区站) — transfer to lines 8 and 19

Shiliugang Station (石榴岗站) — transfer to Line 11

Nancun Wanbo Station (南村万博站) — transfer to Line 7

Panyu Square Station (番禺广场站) — transfer to lines 3, 17 and 22

Hengli Station (横沥站) — transfer to Line 15

Wanqingsha Station (万顷沙站) — transfer to Line 15, Zhaoshunnan Intercity Railway (肇顺南城际铁路), Zhongnanguan Intercity Railway (中南莞城际铁路) and Guangdong Western Coastal Railway (广东西部沿海铁路)

Guangzhou to build China's fastest metros看看全国最快的地铁是否经过你家门口!
Line 22 will have eight stations and four of them are interchange stations.

Those transfer stations are:

Xilang (西朗) — transfer to lines 1, 10 and Guangfo Metro

Baietan (白鹅潭) — transfer to lines 1, 11 and 19

Guangzhou South Railway Station (广州南站) — transfer to lines 2, 7 and Foshan Line 2

Panyu Square (番禺广场) — transfer to lines 3, 18 and 17

Longer distances between stations

Line 18 will run 61.3 km and the distance between stations will be 7.6 km on average. The maximum distance between stations will be 25.9 km (from Hengli 横沥 to Panyu Square 番禺广场).

The length of Line 22 will be 30.8 km, with an average distance between stations of 4.2 km. The maximum distance between stations will be 7.2 km (from Qifu 祈福 to Guangzhou South Station 广州南站).

More flexible operating method

Both line 18 and line 22 operate fast and slow trains. Fast trains only stop at large stations and slow trains stop at every station.