56 measures promote happiness of the elder in GZ

BY : Fawn Huang SilkRoadPost

UPDATED :September 10, 2018


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Since China became an aging society in 2000, the elderly population has seen an annual increase of about 10 million people, according to media report. In Guangzhou, elderly citizens account for 18.03 percent of the city's registered population. The Guangzhou government recently announced 56 service measures to benefit senior citizens and enhance their opportunities for living happy lives.

Elderly-friendly facilities

To help establish a livable city for senior citizens, the local government will strengthen the renovation and construction of elderly-oriented facilities in the city:

— Elevators will be installed in residential buildings where the proportion of the elderly is high
— Barrier-free facilities will be installed in both new residential communities and old communities
— Special waiting areas in passengers stations will be built

Social security

— The government will seek to improve the distribution of the life health care fund
— GZ elderly citizens who do not have a GZ "hukou" could enjoy the subsistence allowances if they don't enjoy subsistence allowances elsewhere

Medical care

— Preferential treatment will be given to the elderly in handling with financial transactions, medical treatment and other affairs
— Residents aged above 65 can enjoy free physical examinations and health assessments every year, and health records will be established for them
— Non-profit organizations are being encouraged to offer both medical and health care for the elderly


— Basic public services will cover elderly citizens lacking Guangzhou "hukou"
— The elderly who do not have a GZ "hukou" are allowed to register for permanent residency if their children have GZ "hukou"
— Legal aid services will be provided for the elderly
—The services of "Pingantong" will be upgraded (平安通: an elderly-care service for the citizens of 60 and above)


— The senior citizens are encouraged to attend colleges for the elderly, and fees will be reduced or eliminated.
— Free admission to all the public libraries and cultural centers

More details are shown in the following website.