GZ offers new services through WeChat

BY : Louise Luo SilkRoadPost

UPDATED :September 6, 2018


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The Guangzhou government recently launched new measures through WeChat, rendering more convenient services for people. Have a look at these services!

Bottled gas can be bought through Official WeChat account, "好订气"

The Department of Urban Management and the Association of Bottled Gas have together introduced an official online platform to sell bottled gas, aiming to provide convenience for gas users and crack down on illegal sales of bottled gas.

Thus far 29 qualified enterprises sell bottled gas on the platform. Customers can purchase safe bottled gas through the official WeChat account, "好订气."

Here is how to purchase gas on "好订气." Enter the account, and click "订气在线" (order gas online) on the bottom left. Then choose your desired size: "5 kg" or "15 kg," and choose a nearby store to buy your bottled gas.

Note: When you purchase for the first time, you have to offer your contact information such as your mobile phone number.

Digital insurance can be obtained on Official WeChat account, "广州交警"

Guangzhou Traffic Police and Ping An Property Insurance offer digital compulsory insurance policies for vehicle traffic accident liability.

If vehicle owners forget to paste the insurance policy to their vehicles or neglect to take their policy with them, they will be fined. With the launch of digital insurance policies, however, vehicle owners are allowed to drive on the road without the paper form of their policies and therefore can avoid being cited and fined by the police. Vehicle owners with insurance policies issued by Pin An Property can obtain their digital insurance policies on the official WeChat account, "广州交警" (Guangzhou Traffic Police).

Here is how to obtain a policy on the WeChat account. Enter the account and click "服务大厅" (service hall) at the bottom. Then enter your personal information, including your name and ID number, to finish membership certification.

After your registration as a member, click "电子保单"(digital insurance policy) at the bottom and you can get your policy.

Note: Currently, digital policies are only valid in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Beijing. Vehicle owners from other cities still have to take the paper form with them when they drive on the road.

Labor and personnel dispute mediation and arbitration can be handled on the WeChat applet, "粤省事"

The Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Guangdong is offering new services on the WeChat applet, "粤省事". Procedures, such as application for mediation and arbitration, can be handled on the site.

Compared with the traditional application approach, which requires submitting a multitude of materials in paper form, the new service is time-saving and efficient, allowing people to apply online and make appointments.

Here is how to handle mediation and arbitration on WeChat: Enter WeChat and search the applet, "粤省事."

Enter "粤省事." Pull down the page and click, "劳动人事调解仲裁" (labor and personnel mediation and arbitration). Then you can handle relevant procedures on the page, including "申请调解" (apply for mediation), "申请仲裁" (apply for arbitration) and "仲裁审查确认" (confirmation of arbitration review).