Guangdong international travel expo is coming!

BY :Kinny Chen SilkRoadPost

UPDATED :July 30, 2018


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The 2018 China (Guangdong) International Tourism Industry Expo (CITIE) will be held from September 7 to 9 at Area A of the China Import & Export Fair Complex.

As one of the supporting activities of the Guangdong International Tourism Culture Festival, the expo was first held at Tianhe Sports Center in 2005. After 13 years of development, it has become the largest-scale international travel expo in China.

This year, more interesting elements will be added to the expo. As a travel enthusiast, you can't afford to miss this annual carnival. What can you expect? Let's have a preview. 

1. Tourism + culture

For the first time, a craft work exhibition will be held at the expo, displaying crafts with Guangdong characteristics. Among the genres are wood, jade and ivory carvings; Guangdong embroideries; wheat straw patchworks; Zhaoqing Duan inkstones; and Zhu mud pots.

2. Tourism + education

In cooperation with the Guangdong Study Tours Association, the expo will set up a "Study Tours Themed Exhibition Area." The area will offer a comprehensive showcase of various demonstration bases and products related to study travel.

3. Travel + delicacies

Needless to say, travel and delectables make a great match. Fashionable catering elements will debut at the expo. Themed areas like German Beer Festival, Lingnan Catering Studio, Bocuse d'Or all await you to explore.

4. Highlights of other exhibition areas

This year, the expo also coincides with the first anniversary of China and Panama establishing their diplomatic relations. Taking this opportunity, the Ministry of Tourism of Panama will introduce its local travel organizations and enterprises.

"Thousand Island Country"—Philippines, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries, together with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and China Scuba Diving will form a "Luxurious Island Diving Travel Area," bringing about unique and fresh information about diving for travelers.

"Silk Road Tourist Destinations Exhibition Zone" will give you a glimpse of the updated information on the scenes and services of the tourist destinations along the route.

And as one of the most popular exhibitions at the expo, a section offering travel products will offer visitors abundant discounted travel packages. This year, a combined tour of the south and north poles, round-the-world travel and other high-end customized travel products will be eye-catching. The exhibition will likely inspire visitors to get in the mood to plan future journeys.