Guangfo Line to begin trial runs this month

BY : Annie Lee SilkRoadPost

UPDATED :September 11, 2018


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The Guangfo Metro will begin test operations on the last section of Guangfo Line later this month, in preparation for the anticipated opening of the entire line by the end of the year. Covering a distance of about 32 kilometers, the line will connect Guangzhou to Foshan with 25 stations.

Three new stations completed

Yangang station 燕岗 to Lijiao station 沥滘, the last section of the Guangfo Line, passes through three new stations: Shixi 石溪, Nanzhou 南洲 and Lijiao 沥滘. The three stations were completed by the end of July, followed by equipment installation and decoration.

The trial run of the Yangang to Lijiao section will last at least three months, according to Zhong Quan, the general manager of Guangfo Metro.

Four interchange stations available

When the full Guangfo Line opens, four interchange stations with the Guangzhou metro will be available, at Xilang, Nanzhou, Lijiao and Shayuan.

Xilang station西朗: interchange with Guangzhou Metro line 1

Nanzhou station南洲: interchange with Guangzhou Metro line 2

Lijiao station沥滘: interchange with Guangzhou Metro line 3

Shayuan station沙园: interchange with Guangzhou Metro line 8

18 more trains to be put into use

The daily passenger flow of the existing Guangfo Line (Xinchengdong to Yangang) has risen from 300,000 to 350,000 since new rules governing non-Guangzhou registered vehicles took effect September 1. Those rules prompted more people living in Foshan to take the Guangfo Line rather than drive cars to Guangzhou for work.

To deal with the increasing passenger flow, 18 more trains will be put into use on the Guangfo Line by the end of 2019, increasing the total number of trains to 51.

10 metro lines to connect Guangzhou and Foshan

In addition to the Guangfo Line, two more metro lines are under construction to connect Guangzhou with Foshan – Guangzhou Metro line 7 (west extension) and Foshan Metro line 2. In the future, seven additional lines will be built to connect the two cities.