Easy tricks to kill cockroaches

BY :Billiam Zhong SilkRoadPos

UPDATED :August 31, 2018


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The hot and humid weather provides a perfect environment for cockroaches to breed in southern China. If one of them shows up in the house, it means an intrusion of them are creeping in your house and waiting for an entrance. They are probably one of the most annoying, disgusting and unwelcome creatures in our houses. Since killing them with a slipper is too scary a move for many of us to take and most cockroach killers are also toxic to humans, they remain to be annoyances… Don't worry, we now have some easy, unrisky and environmentally friendly tricks to get rid of them.

Trick 1: banana peels+white sugar+detergent

1. Take a plate as the trap. Take some banana peels and cut them into small pieces, as banana peel has a unique sweet fragrance that could lure cockroaches into the trap.

2. Add some white sugar, which is one of their favorite foods, into the plate and mix them with the peel pieces.

3. Pour some detergent, the killer and key ingredient, into the plate.

4. Finally, pour in some water and stir the liquid to fully mix with the detergent. The liquid should not be too full or the roaches might climb out of the plate when dying.

5. Put the trap around where the roaches often show up.

Trick 2: white sugar+washing powder

This is pretty much the same as trick 1.

1. Put a spoon of washing powder into a container.

2. Add a spoon of white sugar.

3. Pour in some water and stir well.

4. Put the trap around where the cockroaches often show up.

Trick 3: Clean your house thoroughly

Actually, poor hygiene is the root of the cockroach problem. Cleaning every corner of your house regularly and always remembering to take out the trash are the only real ways to keep the annoying creatures away.